We moved to Normandy in March 2017 after spending years coming over on holidays and decided to make it our home.

Between us we have many varied interests which happily fit in with the French and in particular Normandy lifestyle. We have a love of good food, countryside living, history, wine (and cidre), local events and are embracing all the new opportunities around us.

A particular interest is Military History of which there is an abundance in Normandy, many people will have seen the mainstream films and TV programs but to see it first hand brings a more personal element which can make you feel both awestruck and humble. If you require advice on the location of places to visit we are more than happy to help.

Food! Cidre! Normandy has an amazing food culture which is not just limited to specialist stores but widely available! A trip to the local Boulangerie is always worthwhile with an excellent one a couple of minutes drive from us. Local cheeses and butter are amazing, Isigny Sur Mer is located 10/15 minute from us and produce a large amount of cheese and butter which can be found in local shops and supermarkets. Local Cidre, Pommeau (an aperitif made from apples, about 17% and delicious chilled) and Calvados are everywhere, obviously a lot locally produced and you will find local distillers tucked away everywhere, something to look for as you explore the countryside!

We live here with 5 crazy cats ranging from a cross eyed ginger boy to a boisterous local (who adopted us!) who definitely keep us on our toes! Nesting Moorhens plus other varieties of wildlife give us something new to look at and we are constantly learning new things about our surroundings and the people who live here.

We hope you come and pay us a visit and we will do all we can to make your holiday in Normandy as lively, interesting or as relaxing as you wish, hope to see you soon.