Hello and welcome to Moon Cottage Kitchen

I am a former professional chef who worked in various kitchens in the UK from gastro pubs to fine dining/banqueting to large scale outdoor events, I then followed that with 6 years working for 2 national training providers helping people of all ages to achieve their professional qualifications, a challenging but rewarding and deeply satisfying career.

Moon Cottage Kitchen is aimed at anyone wishing to have a cooking holiday/culinary experience without any form of judgement or pretense. I aim to assist people at all cooking levels to enjoy a session with me from deciding what to cook through to the finished article with hopefully some fun along the way!

The day will start with us sitting down and deciding what you want to cook over a coffee and croissant, I will assist with your choices but it is your choice, I will not be badgering anyone into buying and eating something they may not like! :O)

We can do it this way or (if your a risk taker!) we can go to the local shops or markets (this is dependent on time of year and week) and look at what is in season and on offer and make your selection from there, we then head back to the Gite and start cooking!

The end result will be that you (with my help) will be able to prepare anything from a 4 course meal to a tasting menu for your party to sit down and enjoy (at this point I will disappear and leave you to it)

I am not and have never been a Michelin starred chef, I have had an AA rosette but my ethos has always been for good food that is fresh and well presented, you can ask me to make a foam and I may just stare at you blankly! :O)

Pricing will be 100 Euros for each day, this is not inclusive of the cost of ingredients which must be met by yourselves, if you book 3 days then the price will be 250 Euros. This cost is not per person but per party so if one person or 6 is staying in the Gite the price is the same, also I will add that this is only offered to people who are actually staying in our Gite not a one off days excursion (unless no one is booked into the Gite, in this case please feel free to make an enquiry)

If you need to discuss anything, get some planning in or just ask a question please feel free to get in touch using the contact details already listed, we look forward to welcoming you and hope to provide you with a fun learning experience cooking in the french countryside :O)