I have lived in Normandy for almost two years and have been coming here for almost 10, I have a deep rooted interest in history but an even deeper rooted respect and gratitude for the many thousands who came to Normandy and gave up everything for what we have today.

I am not a fully qualified tour guide, I am a private individual who loves living history which Normandy has in abundance, from the beautiful cathedral in Bayeux to the D Day landing grounds and places of interest in the subsequent Normandy campaign.

For those using our Gite as an extra service I can conduct up to 4 people on a bespoke Battlefield tour around whatever areas you wish, this can take the form of a tour of specific places that you may wish to visit to a generic tour taking in places of interest that I have found over the years.

Omaha, Utah, Gold, Juno and Sword beaches, Pegasus Bridge, St Marie du Mont and the nearby Easy Company Memorial and the Dick Winters Leadership Memorial, La Cambe German military cemetery and of course the American Cemetery at Coleville Sur Mer, these and many other places can be visited if you wish to enlist my services.

All pictures here were taken by myself and are not reproduced from any other sources.

If you wish to take advantage of this please contact us to discuss your needs.